Introducing Analytics in Waitwhile 3.0

How to obtain deeper, more insightful customer flow analytics in Waitwhile 3.0.

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In Waitwhile 3.0, we have taken Analytics to a new level. A beautiful brand new interface, insights and comparison between multiple locations, and extensive customization options will help improve your customer flows straight away.

In this updated version, you'll find that there are two main tabs to help you navigate - Today and Detailed.

These views help provide different levels of insight to help your business analyze, improve, and thrive.

  • Today was built to help frontline staff, store managers, and others get a better, real-time understanding of how their business is doing, you guessed it, today! This is a great place to visit for a snapshot of the progress and success of your current visits, wait times, and more. Read more in depth about the different features of the Today tab here.

  • Detailed is the place to go for a deep dive into your business' performance. Whether you want to understand store traffic, wait time, visit trends, or export data for further analyzing in a third party app, you can dot it. And it is all customizable to your needs! Read more about all the exciting functionalities of the Detailed tab here.

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