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Waitwhile Overview
Waitwhile features explained
Waitwhile features explained

Learn about each of Waitwhile's features for better customer flow management.

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What is each product for?

Waitwhile plans all contain different features which enable you to manage your customer flows, improve your wait times and deliver better visitor experiences in different ways.

Cut the wait times with the world's most powerful queue management flow. Delight customers right from the start by letting them line up virtually and wait from anywhere. Waitwhile’s queue management solution streamlines customer flow with automation, giving your staff more time to serve guests while reducing wait times for customers.

Make it easy to schedule appointments. Waitwhile works in the background while you run the show. Our booking tool automatically updates your calendar, messages customers, and keeps you up-to-date.

Communicate with your customers before, during and after their visits - whether they are joining a line or scheduling an appointment.

Analytics that don’t require an expert to decode. Make your business run like a dream by uncovering the cause of snags and delays with our easy-to-understand analytics. You’ll be able to see when business is busiest, which employees and services are most in-demand, and more.

Take the guesswork out of staff & resource distribution. Optimize resource allocation ahead of peak hours and enable your staff to make necessary adjustments when the unexpected happens.

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