Settings → Messages → Waitlist Messages

We know that communication is key when talking with your customers - that's why we've made it easy for you to configure or manage your SMS and Email messages to Guests at every stage of the waiting experience. For more detailed information on configuring these automated messages, check out our article on Messages.

Settings → Messages → Booking Messages

Don't worry - we didn't forget about Bookings! In this part of Settings, you can also configure or manage your SMS and Email messages to Guests for every Booking that is made in your Waitwhile Location.

Settings → Messages → Saved Replies

Do you find your guests ask the same questions, over and over? Speed up your response times and get your customers help faster by prewriting and using 'saved responses' to your most commonly asked questions in this part of Settings. These saved responses will appear and can be used in the chat 💬 module when communicating with your guests.

Settings → Messages → Team Notifications

It's not just customers that can get messages with Waitwhile; your employees can get them too! Waitwhile allows you to manage the SMS, Email, and Push notifications that are sent to your team based on customers' activity and where they are in the waiting process. This means Waitwhile can let your employees know when someone has made a Booking with them, joined the Waitlist for a Service they provide, or even send guest information to your employees, dispatching location information for where your employee should go next. The possibilities are endless!

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