Waitwhile Overview

Learn about Waitwhile and what we do.

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Getting Started

Learn the basics about Waitwhile, how it works, and if it's the right solution for your Business

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Examples of Use-Cases

Learn how to use Waitwhile for your type of business

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Location Management

Customize your locations to suit your business.

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Waitlist & Queue Management

Learn how to use Waitwhile to manage your lines and wait times.

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Bookings & Scheduling

Learn how to use Waitwhile for appointment scheduling and calendar.

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Resource & Services

Manage your staff and other resources and assign to your customers.

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Customer Registration

How your customers can join your waitlist or schedule bookings with your public pages

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Messages & Communication

Learn about how Waitwhile communicates with your customer and how to use these messages to make the perfect customer flow

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Analytics & Customer Insights

Guides and tips to get started with Waitwhile

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User Management & Permissions

Everything you need to know about setting up Resources, inviting Users, and creating Roles

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Developer Guide & Integrations

Do more with Waitwhile by integrating it with your other services

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Security & Privacy

Learn about how Waitwhile manages security and privacy.

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Waitwhile 3.0

Introducing the next-gen version of Waitwhile.

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