What is Waitwhile?

How Waitwhile works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.

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Waitwhile is a Customer Flow Management platform that helps you manage your queues, wait times and appointment scheduling - all in one place. Serve customers faster, shorten your wait times and boost customer satisfaction—all while reducing team workload—with the only customer flow solution you'll ever need.

What can I do with Waitwhile?

If you have a business where your customers come for a service you can use Waitwhile to:

  • Queue management - Let guests join a virtual waitlist from a smart device instead of getting turned off by long lines

  • Appointment scheduling - Discover a smarter way to schedule appointments and automate your workflows.

  • Virtual waiting rooms - Reimagine waiting by allowing guests to wait from anywhere and do anything they like.

  • Customer communication - Keep an open line of communication with your customers before, during, and after their visit.

  • Operational analytics - Empower your team with real-time data and uncover the causes of operational snags.

  • Use a single, powerful, easy-to-use platform - Get all your customer flows, queues, appointments, conversations, customer data, and reporting working together seamlessly. Maximize team performance by connecting all your other tools to our platform.

Who uses Waitwhile?

Companies who want to deliver better customer flows, wait experiences and visit experiences for their customers in one automated platform. We're helping over 100 000 business locations serve over 200M customers across retail, healthcare, government, education, beauty and events.

Is Waitwhile for you?

If you have questions you'd like answered, reach out to us via chat or email support@waitwhile.com.

What sets Waitwhile apart?

Unlike a mix of disconnected point solutions, Waitwhile brings everything you need to manage your customer flows, communicate with your visitors and improve your operational efficiency n one simple, integrated platform that's easy for everyone in your business to use.

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