Using the Today Tab in Analytics

How to leverage the Today view to understand how your business is doing.

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The Today tab in Waitwhile 3.0 provides an at-glance snapshot of how your business is doing. Filled with data from only today, it makes it easy for staff members, store associates, managers, and more to get better insight into how the business is progressing throughout the day.

Overview cards

The Overview cards provides updates on a few key metrics for your business at one specific location, including:

  • Bookings: The total numbers of bookings scheduled for today, and how many of them are currently ongoing.

  • Waitlisted: The total number of waitlisted parties for today, and how many are currently in line.

  • Served: The total number of served visits (bookings and waitlisted parties combined), and what the serve rate is.

  • Wait time: The current wait time, and the longest wait time throughout the day.

  • Serve duration: The current serve duration, and the longest serve duration throughout the day.

  • Peak line length: The longest line length for today, as well as the average line length.

Visit progression section

The Visit progression section gives you insight into the visits that you have managed today, as well as those that are yet to be managed.

  • Total visits today: The combined number of visits to manage, including bookings scheduled for today and waitlisted parties.

  • Progress: The number of visits that have been Completed, marked as Cancelled or No-shows (Dropoffs), compared to the total amount of visits.

Dropoffs chart

The Dropoffs chart holds information about the different reasons for a visit being marked as a dropoff, again within the timeframe of today.

  • Cancelled: This includes visits that have been cancelled either by the guest or by staff members.

  • No-shows: This includes visits that were marked as a no-show by staff members.

Visit creator chart

The Visit creator chart shows what the source of each created visit is.

  • Guest: The number of visits that were created by the guest themselves, for example via online booking, a kiosk, or text-to-join functionality.

  • Staff: The number of visits that were created from your staff members working in Waitwhile.

  • API: The number of visits created via the Waitwhile API.

Resource and Service reports

Lastly, the Resource and Service reports are generated for both Resource categories and Service categories.

Note: The data in the Today tab is based on a calendar day (i.e. it spans from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm) and it's updated every five minutes.

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