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There are a few different ways that Waitwhile can be integrated with your other technology tools. Which method you choose to integrate Waitwhile with other technology platforms depends on a variety of factors and we're here to help you figure out the best integration solution to meet the needs of your business.

Note: In order to take advantage of Integrations and our API, you must be on a Business Plan or Enterprise Plan. See our Pricing Page for more details


The easiest integration solution is Zapier, which allows you to connect Waitwhile to 3000+ different apps and tools. Through Zapier we also offer specialized preset templates to integrate your Waitwhile data with some of the most commonly used tools such as Zoom, Slack, Salesforce, Google Calendar, and more!

Getting started with Zapier

You can sign up for a Zapier account for free which will allow you to create up to 5 single-step "zaps" and run up to 100 tasks per month, however, a paid plan may be needed depending on the complexity of the integration (if it needs to be a multi-step "zap") and how often you expect the integration "tasks" to run each month.

To sign up for Zapier and figure out which pricing plan will work best for your business, check out Zapier's Plans & Pricing page.

If you're new to Zapier, once you've set up your account be sure to check out their quick-start guide to familiarize yourself with how Zapier works and to set up your first zap!


Under the hood, Zapier creates and utilizes webhooks, which allows Zapier to pull in data tied to specific events that occur in Waitwhile such as when a visit (Waitlist or Booking) is created or updated.

If you happen to be a bit more tech savvy (or have any developers on your team), utilizing webhooks directly may be the best solution if you want or need more control over how your integration is configured.

For most everything else you need to know about setting up webhooks within your Waitwhile account, head on over to the Waitwhile Developer Hub.

Advanced Integrations using the Waitwhile API

Waitwhile is fueled by a powerful API, which can be utilized for creating the most advanced and customizable integration experience. This solution is typically best suited for businesses that have a developer (or team of developers) who are experienced with using REST API's. To learn more about getting started with our API, check out the Waitwhile Developer Hub.

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