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Setting up a successful Waitwhile account
Setting up a successful Waitwhile account

The building blocks of an account that will increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Let’s build a successful Waitwhile account 😄

We recognize that every business is unique and we are certainly not a "one-size-fits-all" type of platform; there are so many options to customize Waitwhile to fit your needs! This article will go into detail about properly setting the building blocks of an account that will increase efficiency and customer satisfaction and set you up for a successful operation powered by Waitwhile!

General Information

First things first - you should complete all of the details of your business in the General Settings. Making sure that your Business Hours and Business Information are entered will make it easier for your customers to know where you are located and can come in handy if you decide to use the Geo-fencing feature!

Add your Services

Adding your Services is an essential step in configuring a successful account.

“Services” are the different options of what your business provides to your guests. For example:

  • If you're a barbershop, it could be "Haircut" or "Beard trim"

  • If you're a retail store, it could be "Shopping assistance" or "Exchange & Return"

You need to give your guests a clear picture of all you can do!

Add Services under Settings > Services so your customers can make it clear what they need from you during their visit.

To learn more about Services, read our tutorial of Services.

Add your Resources

"Resources" are the staff members, equipment or thing that are used to provide the Service. For example:

  • In a Barbershop, the Resources are the Barbers

  • In a department store, the Resource could be a staff member or counter/register for returns and exchanges.

  • At a Restaurant, the Resource may be a Table.

What kind of Resources do you have? Add yours under Settings > Resources.

Learn more about Resources in our guide to resources article.

Edit your messages and alerts

Your guests deserve an experience that’s tailored to their needs and reflects your unique business. Communication is a huge part of that puzzle! Waitwhile makes it easy for you to customize two-way messaging at every stage of the customer experience so that messages are always in your voice and always on brand. Manage your messages under Settings > Messages.

Personalized messaging isn’t just for your guests, it’s for your team too! You can set up custom notifications, triggered by guest activity, to keep your team in the loop at all times. Start notifying your team under Settings > Notifications.

We dive into all things messages in this article.

Customize your branding

A positive customer experience starts with a cohesive experience. That’s where branding comes in! Don’t forget to customize your account so that Waitwhile seamlessly integrates with your business style 😎

Learn about how you can customize your Waitwhile account’s style here and put it into action under Settings > Theme.

Review and share your Public Registration options

Your customers will be able to join your waitlist or schedule appointments through your public registration options. These include:

  • Kiosk for customers to register through

  • QR codes for customers to scan-to-join

  • Online web links that you can share on social media or embed on your website

Review all options and configure this under Settings > Public Registration.

Invite your colleagues

Did you know that Waitwhile is ideal for teams to use together? Don't wait to get the ball rolling, invite your colleagues to collaborate in Waitwhile! Sending them an invitation is easy and it’s free.

Invite your colleague to join your Waitwhile location under Settings > Users.

Bonus: Permissions work the way your team does - you control what each user should have access to. Learn all about user roles and permissions.

Phew, that's it! You're ready to crush your lines and improve your customer experience. As always, reach out to our friendly support team on if you need any help.

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