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How to get started with Waitwhile
How to get started with Waitwhile

Your customers will adore you once your business is fully on Waitwhile.

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You're only a few steps away from giving your customers a great waiting experience. This guide will cover the basic steps to get started with Waitwhile for both waitlisting and appointment bookings.

1. Create a Free Waitwhile Account

If you haven't already, create your free Waitwhile account here. It takes less than 2 minutes.

2. Watch the basic introduction video

Watch this simple introduction to Waitwhile. We'll cover the product interface and how to get started.

3. Choose how you want your customers to join your waitlist or book time

Waitwhile supports multiple ways for your customers to signup and you can pick the one that suits your business and that your customers will enjoy.

You can turn on the options you prefer to use in the Settings of your Waitwhile account. We also have some detailed help guides to the different options:

4. Choose the information you want to collect from your customers

You can set what info you need from your customer in order for them to join the list. This is easy to set up under Settings > Input Fields . In this area, you can toggle on and off the fields you want to ask your customers.

5. Customize your SMS and Email alerts

Everything about Waitwhile is customizable and you can decide which Web, SMS and Email alerts you want to use to keep your customers informed about their visit. Check out the default messages and tailor those under Settings > Messages to fit your business.

6. Invite co-workers to your Waitwhile account

You can invite as many other users and administrators as you'd like to your Waitwhile account. You can invite them under Settings > Users

You can control what kind of permissions each user should have, if they should be able to view your Analytics and change settings, or only be able to manage your waitlist.

7. Set up your Services

Create Services for your Guests to select from in order to get on the waitlist.

8. Set up your Resources

Let your Guests select from available Team Members to help get them through the line fast.

9. Learn the fundamentals with our full Waitwhile intro video series

We've created a video series to get you started with Waitwhile and how to use your waitlist and bookings. They will explain how Waitwhile views waiting and how to get started customizing your app for your needs.

10. Check Out Our Waitwhile Academy

Want to learn more and go into more advanced topics? Explore our ever growing library of videos and articles of information, tips, and tricks to make your customer experience better with Waitwhile.

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