If Resources are the 'person, place, or thing' that works at your business, the Services are what your business does. While not all businesses need Services, those that do help Waitwhile narrow down wait times and help keep your Booking schedule accurate.

Start by clicking 'Add Service' and start adding the options that you need your customer to select from. The options are as followed:

  • Service Name: This is the name that you, as the business, will see it listed as.

  • Display Name: This is the name of the service that the customer will see it listed as on the Booking URL page.

  • Category: If you have multiple Categories for the different types of services you offer, you can list (and choose) from them here. *TIP: 't add multiple categories unless you need your customer to pick from those categories FIRST before they select the Service. If you don't need your customer to select a Category first in your Customer flow, only make one for all of your Services. Adding many Catagories when they aren't needed will slow down the check-in process for your customer and make the setup of your list difficult.. Keep it simple.

  • Description: If you need to give any details about what this service is for your customer, this is where you would add those here. TIP: We recommend keeping this short to keep your Check-In page neat and clean.

  • Duration: How long it takes to do this Service. If you don't have a specific time frame that your Service usually gets done by, we recommend leaving this blank.

  • Price(USD): Let your customers know ahead of time their expected costs

  • Buffer Time: This is a 'buffer' time that will be added to your Service Duration to make sure that your Booking appointments aren't overlapping. If you aren't using the Service duration, we recommend you keep this blank.

  • Privacy: This toggle determines whether or not your customer can (public) or cannot (private) see this Service option.

  • Locations: Make this Service available across multiple or only one Location on your Waitwhile account.

  • Available for Booking/Waitlist: Make this option only available on your Waitlist or only 'bookable' by appointment only with this dropdown menu.

  • Order: Even if your Services change over time, input a numerical value to keep your Services in an order to your liking. By default, all Service's Order saved as blank will be assigned 0 and stay in the relative order created.

  • Set available hours: Set custom hours that this Service is available, allowing for different Waitlisting and Booking windows.

*ProTip: Don't overcomplicate it! If your business only does 'one thing', don't add it to your list. A great example of this is a haunted house - your customer knows that they are here for the haunted house experience, so there is no need to list one Service there for them to select.

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