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Who is helping to serve your guests and how they can access Waitwhile

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These settings are for your employees and what they can access in Waitwhile. Here, you can invite your staff to Locations within your account, set and customize their roles/permissions, and add them as a Resource to serve your guests.

Settings > Team > Users

Here you can invite your team to access your Waitwhile account and control their access to the different Locations. For Enterprise clients, you can also control your SSO (Single Sign-On) options here as well.

Settings >Team > Roles

In this area, you can see the default Roles inside of your Waitwhile account. These Roles have different levels of permissions that give your employees access to areas of your Waitwhile account. If these defaults don't work for your Business, you can create your own custom roles for your employees and choose what options you want them to have inside of your account - you wanted customization, you got it 😉 (NOTE: This feature is only available for Business/Enterprise customers). For more details on User Roles, Permissions, and linking users to Resources, check out THIS article.

Settings > Team > Resources

Resources are the ‘person, place, or thing’ you need to help serve your guests. Oftentimes, they can be Staff members, rooms, counters or tools that you'll want to gather information on later in your Analytics 📊. In this part of Settings, you can add and manage your business's Resources - even linking a resource to a 'User' you already have set up in your Waitwhile Account.

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