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Creating and Managing Bookings on the Calendar Page
Creating and Managing Bookings on the Calendar Page

How to use the new Waitwhile 3.0 Calendar page to improve appointment scheduling.

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The new Calendar page makes appointment scheduling super easy. In this articles, we will cover the basics, including:

How to create a new booking from the Calendar page

It's quite intuitive for staff members to create new appointments from within the Calendar page Waitwhile 3.0. Simply follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Click on the βž• button in the lower right corner or on the desired slot to open the booking editing modal.

  2. Start adding information about the booking. You'll notice that the slot in the calendar will populate in real time as you complete the fields. If you have multiple customer-facing languages set up, you can now also choose the preferred message language here.

  3. When selecting the service, you'll see that the length of the slot will adjust automatically based on the duration length of the service. If you have resources activated, choosing a resource in the dropdown will highlight the availability of that specific resource in relation to other resources.

  4. That's it! Once you click Add, the booking will be visible in the calendar alongside the others.

Note: Depending on how your business is set up, the booking creation data collection might differ a bit. You can decide what information to capture by configuring your input fields and determining what fields should be required for staff to fill out when creating a booking.

How to manage a booking from the Calendar page

Once you've created an appointment, it's easy to make updates to it as you wish. Just click on any booking in the calendar to open the visit detail view. Here, you'll find tabs for Details, Notes, Visits, and Messages.

Let's take a closer look at them:

  • The Details tab displays default and custom input fields that you have set up for your location. Many of the fields are editable and by clicking on them you enter edit mode, where you can make changes to the booking. At the bottom of the Details tab you'll find a set of action buttons that lets you mark the visit as no show, alert the guest, or serve them.

  • The Notes tab holds all your notes related to the guest registered on the visit.

  • The Visits tab contains a list of all previous (and future) visits connected to the guest.

  • The Messages tab is where you'll find all your communication with your guest (not only for the visit at hand). Here, you can also send new messages manually either by SMS, email, or chat. You can read more about messages here.

Lastly, if you click on the β‹― symbol next to the visit name, you will find a few more actions.

These include showing the customer facing status page, open the visit in the Calendar, adjust the position in line (or move it to a different line at a different location). You can also cancel the visit (which will move it to the Completed list) or delete it (which will remove it entirely from your account, including analytics).

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