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Introducing the New Calendar Page

An overview of the new Calendar page in Waitwhile 3.0

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Welcome to a reinvented booking experience in Waitwhile 3.0. The new Calendar page is up to 3X faster than its predecessor (the Booking page) and has a much cleaner user interface. Fewer distractions and more capabilities means you can get your appointments done quickly.

In this article, we'll briefly go over how to get the most out of the Calendar page, including:

Follow the links in the subsections below for more in-depth descriptions.

Creating and managing bookings

Making a new appointment has never been easier. With a more intuitive flow and better availability transparency you’ll be scheduling bookings faster than ever.

We'll dive into all the ins and outs of creating and managing bookings in this article.

Blocking time

Blocking off time in your calendar is now simpler with the new Block tab. You can choose to block the whole day or pick a start and end-time for your block, plus pick if the block should apply to just one of your resources or everyone. Also, you can now change the block description to show more detail.

Read more about how blocking off time works here.

Visualizing information in the Calendar

You can choose what info for each appointment you’d like to see in your calendar. Choose to show the most important stuff first and hide the rest!

  • The Display settings allow you to set what information you want displayed for each visit

  • The Filter enables you to choose which specific visits you want to see.

  • The Daily and Weekly views lets you decide how to view the calendar slots.

  • The Resources views provide the ability to show view by one ot multiples resources.

  • The Zoom feature gives you the option to increase or decrease the size of the slots.

Read all about how to visualize and customize what information in displayed in your Calendar here.

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