Blocking Time in the Calendar

How to block off time in the calendar using the new Block tab, and change the block description as needed.

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Blocking off time in your calendar has been made super easy with the new Block tab.

  1. Just like when you're creating an appointment, click on any spot in the calendar or the βž• button in the bottom right corner to get started.

  2. Click on the Block tab and add all information necessary for the block. You can choose to block the whole day or pick a start and end-time for your block, plus pick if the block should apply to just one of your resources or everyone. Additionally, you can add a note or description to your block that will show up in the calendar.

  3. That's it! Once you click on Save, the block will show up in the calendar. It is distinguishable from bookings by the striped pattern and the Blocked title.

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