Introducing the New Visits Page

An overview of the Visits page experience in Waitwhile 3.0

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We’re introducing Visits, a new mission control that gives you a complete overview of your waitlist, bookings, and flows at a glance - all in one place. This helps your staff more efficiently manage your guests in one place with fewer clicks.

In this article, we'll go over how to get the most out of the Visits page, including how to navigate the page, visualize information on it, and manage visits efficiently.

Navigating the Visits page

Navigating the Visits page is super easy. You will see a number of tabs at the top of the page, depending on what kinds of flows you have set up for your business. At the most, you will see the following tabs:

  • The Overview tab is a collection of all your visits for today, grouped by their respective state.

  • The Needs approval tab shows all booking requests that have not yet been attended to.

  • The Bookings tab contains all your upcoming bookings.

  • The Waitlist tab displays all people and parties currently on your waitlist.

  • The Serving tab lists all guests currently being served.

  • The Completed tab is the place where you find all visits that have been served or canceled.

Read more about these tabs in the Navigating the Visits page article.

Visualizing information on the Visits page

You can really customize the Visits page to fit the needs of your business perfectly by adjusting three different aspects:

  • The Board and Table views lets you decide how you want your visits displayed.

  • The Filter enables you to choose which specific visits you want to see.

  • The Display settings allow you to set what information you want displayed for each visit.

We dig into each of them in depth in the Visualizing information on the Visits page article.

Managing visits on the Visits page

There are a number of ways in which you can manage your customer flow with the Visits page.

  • Try drag and drop to move visit cards from one state to another.

  • Use action buttons to confirm, alert, serve customers with ease (and more).

  • Click on each visit card for more in-depth information about the visit and the guest.

We explain all this in further detail in the Managing visits on the Visits page article.

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