Waitwhile supports powerful SMS and Email capabilities with personalized and automated ways to keep your customers informed. In this post we'll explain how you can take full advantage of this and make your customers smile!

Using SMS Texts like a Pro 

Most of your Guests have a smartphone, and at Waitwhile, we think using SMS is perfect way to communicate with them. Customize which messages you want to send out to your Guests and what you want them to say. They are as followed:

  1. Confirmation (Waitlist & Bookings): This message is sent to the Guest once they have been added to the waitlist.

  2. Alert (Waitlist & Bookings): This message is sent when you press the 'yellow bell' icon while a Guest is on the waitlist. In most business setups, it's used to manually notify a customer when it is their turn.

  3. Next-In-Line (Waitlist only): This message is used to automatically notify a customer when it is almost their turn - i.e reach a certain point in line.

  4. Reminder (Bookings only): This message is sent at a fixed time before a Booking (Ex. 1 hour or 24 hours before) to remind the customer about it.

  5. Served (Waitlist & Bookings): Sent when you 'Serve' a Guest on your Waitlist or Bookings.

  6. Completed (Waitlist & Bookings): This message is sent when you're done 'serving' a Guest - it's a perfect way to thank then more coming!

  7. No-show (Waitlist & Bookings): This message is sent when an employee marks a Guest as a 'No Show'

  8. Cancellation (Waitlist & Bookings): Sent when a Guest cancels their visit or Booking to let them know that it's been processed.

  9. 'One Off': You can send any custom SMS message to a Guest from within your waitlist - just click on the Guest's name while they are on the list, select 'chat', and type the message you want to say.


These messages come from the total messages available for each visit based on the subscription you have.

How to Customize your Texts

All the above texts are fully *customizable* for both Waitlist Messages and Booking Messages. Just edit the text field for each SMS (and email!) and it will automatically save.

As a bonus, you can also add “variable placeholders” to personalize your message with any collected data for your Guest to personalize the visit - like name, order in line or estimated wait. Just include {name} or any of the other 8 placeholders you have available. We even wrote another article with even MORE placeholders, too!

Marco - Polo!

Customers receiving your SMS texts can reply from their own phones - their text response will show up in your waitlist instantly making for a convenient way to have 2-way SMS conversations without ever leaving the Waitwhile platform.

If their reply contains certain hot-words, such as *“cancel”* or *“delay”* this will automatically update the customer status, including taking them off your list completely and keeping your wait current.

Don't Forget about Emails

If Text SMS wasn't enough, Waitwhile allows your Customer Flow to include emails, too!

You can edit both the subject line, the email body, and include the same *variable placeholders* as above. For those that know-how, style and format your email with links, images or headlines using Markup.

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