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All About the Guest Status Page
All About the Guest Status Page

Share a link in your messages for guests to follow the waiting process in real-time

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The only thing worse than waiting in line is not knowing where you are in the waiting process. That’s why we’ve designed the Guest Status Page - a special ‘waiting page’ that’s made just for your guest when they join the line. This page houses loads of information, making it easy for your guest to stay updated on the wait as well as providing your business what it needs to know to help them best. Here’s how it works!

The Magic {link}

Waitwhile’s ability to add data variable placeholders to your outgoing messages to guests makes it easy to add the magic {link} placeholder for them. By adding the text {link} to the first Message your guest receive as part of the customer flow, Waitwhile will input the specific link for that specific Guest into their message. On smartphones, this link becomes ‘clickable’ - your guests can click the link in the message they receive and can instantly check out their Guest Status page.

Clicky Click!

When your Guests click that link on their smartphones, it takes them to a page like this:

Select Your Options

In the screenshot above, we turned on all the options that are available to show on this page to your guests - but don’t worry! You can customize exactly what you want your guests to see when they go to this page under Settings > Public > Join Waitlist: Customer/Guest Status Page

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