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Managing and Acting as Resources on the Visits Page
Managing and Acting as Resources on the Visits Page

How to open the resources overview from the visits board, manage availability, and focus on just one of the resources.

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We want the Visits page to be a true hub for customer flow management. Therefore, we have made it super simple to see and manage your resources without having to leave the page at all. You can access the resources by clicking on the avatars in the top right corner, next to the search bar. From the modal that opens, you can do a number of things, including:

Let's take a look at what this means.

Manage resource availability

After clicking on the resource avatars, you will be presented with a modal that includes all your resources, sorted by category. Here, you can see the availability status of each resource, and change it.

There are three different options of availability status.

  • The Available status is set automatically when the current time is within your working hours.

  • The Unavailable status is set automatically when the current time is outside your working hours.

  • The Away status can be manually added to reflect shorter or temporary breaks.

You can read more about how resource availability and working hours can be set up this article.

Act as a resource in focus mode

From the resource modal, you can also click on any resource to view the Visits page in a resource-specific focus mode. In the picture below, we are viewing the page from the perspective of the staff member "Martin". It displays all visits related to that staff member, but not visits assigned to others.

To exit focus mode, simply click on Visits in the top left corner which will take you back to the default view.

Note: Depending on which user roles and settings you've applied, some users may not be able to see and manage resources at all. Read more about user roles and permissions here.

If you have enabled the setting Logged-in resources can only view guests they are eligible to serve under Settings > Resources > Advanced Settings, these users will not be able to see the resources. Read about this setting and more here.

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