Exporting Analytics Data

How to export data from your Analytics page.

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You can dig even deeper into your analytics data by exporting it as a CSV file which can then be imported to Excel or Google Sheets.

Note: You must be on a Business or Enterprise Plan to export detailed guest data to CSV. Read more about our plans here.

Here's how to export your analytics data.

  1. Go to your Analytics page.

  2. Click on the export arrow in the top right corner.

  3. Select either Monthly report or Detailed range report from the Range options.

  4. From the Location dropdown, select either the location you're currently at, or All locations.

  5. Select the date range you want to export. If selecting Monthly report the resulting export file will display totals for the entire month included in your selected date range. If selecting Detailed range report you can pick any custom dates.

  6. Click the blue Export button in the bottom right corner.

  7. Wait while a CSV file is generated and downloaded to your device (this may take a little bit of time depending on how large the export file is).

If the downloaded file doesn't immediately appear on your screen or at the bottom of your browser, check your computer's downloads folder.

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