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See the reports and data that you can get from your Waitwhile account

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Waitwhile makes it easy to understand how your waitlist and bookings are performing and where you have opportunities to improve.

Here is a quick overview of the different kind of reports that you can get from your Waitwhile account.


Summary statistics

Overview of the total number of waitlisted customers visits and bookings for the selected time period. Of these, see how many were ultimately served or did not show up in time (no-shows). Also see the the average wait time and service transaction time.

View your visitor metrics over time in the Trend chart to see any patterns over time for your waitlist visits, bookings, served vs no-showed visitors.

By weekday and time of day

Understand which day of the week and what time of the day you're the busiest, so you can plan your staffing accordingly.

Wait times

Drill in on your average wait times as well as your longest vs shortest wait. Plus, see how the wait time is distributed across different wait time cohorts - this is great if you have a wait time goal and want to see what % of your visitors wait longer or shorter than that.

Signup sources

Understand how your visitors are joining your line based on the different ways to join including QR code, SMS check-in, online registration, API or manually added by your host.

No-show reasons

Understand if your visitors are simply not showing up, or if they are letting you know by cancelling or if it is your staff that removes them.

Staff performance

Understand who in your team is the most productive and what each members average wait time and service duration is.

Tables and other resources

If you've added other resources into Waitwhile like tables, rooms or equipment, you can see the statistics for these at a glance.

Services and reasons for visit

Understand what services your visitors are looking for when they join your waitlist or schedule appointments. Also see which services have the biggest drop-off or takes the most time to complete.

Customer insights

Visit history for a customer

We all love repeat customers and want to make their experience as good as possible! If you click on a visitor in your list, you can see their full visit history to learn when they last visited, who helped them out and what service they requested.

Export Analytics Data

You can dig even deeper into your analytics data by exporting it as a CSV which can then be imported to Excel or Google Sheets. NOTE: You must be on a Business or Enterprise Plan to export detailed guest data to CSV.

Here's how to export your analytics data: (see images below for additional reference)

  1. Go to your Analytics page

  2. Click "Export" in the top menu

  3. Select either "Export summary report" (Monthly) or "Export detailed report" (Specific Date Range)

  4. Select the data range you want to export (If selecting, Export summary report, the resulting export file will display totals for the entire months included in your selected date range.)

  5. From the Location dropdown, select either "This location" or "All locations"

  6. Click the blue "Export" button

  7. Wait while a CSV file is generated and downloaded to your device (this may take a little bit of time depending on how large the export file is).

If the downloaded file doesn't immediately appear on your screen or at the bottom of your browser, check your computer's Downloads folder.

Performance Reports

Receive weekly or daily stats via email

As a user, you can subscribe to receive a daily or weekly Performance Report by email that will provide a summary of your most recent analytics data (by location).

To enable these Performance Reports, go to your user icon at the lower left corner, then click Account Settings > Notifications, select the checkbox next to "Send me performance updates" and then choose Daily or Weekly from the dropdown that appears.

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