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Comparing Data Between Different Locations
Comparing Data Between Different Locations

How to view analytics for multiple locations in Waitwhile 3.0.

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We now support showing Analytics for multiple locations in your account at once. Previously you could only view one at a time. This lets you understand how your overall business is performing across all your locations.

These are the steps to start comparing analytics across multiple locations:

  1. Make sure you have selected the locations you want to compare from the Filter panel. You can find more information on how filtering in Analytics works here.

  2. Scroll down to the Visits by location graph.

  3. Browse between different metrics to look at for your comparison. Currently, you can choose from:

    1. Total Visits

    2. Individuals

    3. Bookings

    4. Waitlisted Parties

    5. Waitlisted Bookings

    6. Drop-Off

    7. Drop-Off Rate

    8. Served

    9. Completed

    10. No-Show

    11. Canceled

    12. Removed

    13. Avg Wait Duration

    14. Avg Serve Duration

    15. Longest Wait Duration

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