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Waitwhile 3.0 Guest Experience
Waitwhile’s new streamlined Public Registration Flow
Waitwhile’s new streamlined Public Registration Flow

What's new in the new Public Registration Flow and what you need to know to transition smoothly

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We're excited to introduce our revamped and enhanced Public Registration Flow, taking your customer interactions to the next level. This update is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement, prioritizing user-friendly design, accessibility, and functionality. It will be rolled out in a few different phases in February/March 2024 and all users will receive notice in advance of their account being updated.

In this article, we'll cover what's new and if there is any action needed from your side in transitioning to the new flow!

What's new?

Unified booking and waitlist flows

Booking and waitlist registrations are now combined into a single, seamless flow. This allows guests the flexibility to join a line immediately or schedule a visit later the same day. The result? A smoother experience for your guests and reduced drop-offs for your business. Preferences for separate flows remain available if you prefer.

Centralized customization settings

All options for customizing your guest-facing experience is now conveniently located under the new Registration tab in Settings. Moving all customization options into a single place makes it easier for you to tailor your registration flow!

This update also includes:

  • Enhanced data tracking

    A new cookie banner, aligned with your theme, will appear in your registration flow to enable enhanced data tracking. This feature offers valuable insights into customer behavior, helping you optimize the registration process and improve conversion rates.

  • Improved Kiosk mode

    The experience for guests to register via a Kiosk has been greatly improved, including bigger fonts and an option for customers to seamlessly transition over their registration to their phone, to make it possible to complete fields on your own device.

  • Enhanced design and accessibility

    The registration flow has been redesigned for better usability and accessibility, adhering to WCAG standards. These improvements ensure a top-tier experience for your guests, with smoother transitions and fewer clicks.

  • More theming options

    You now have more theming options to style your registration flow to match your business brand, including a new ability to change the look for both primary and secondary buttons.

Transitioning to the new Public Registration Flow

We will manage the transition for you, so there's nothing you need to do to get access to this update. However, if you have any questions about how this will affect your current public URLs or about anything related to the customization of your registration flow, we'd suggest reading through these next paragraphs.

URLs and redirection

Updated URL structures require no action on your part; all existing links will continue to work seamlessly, with automatic redirection where necessary.

Customize design

As part of this update, we are introducing improvements to the Customize design and Customize text fields configurations. Starting with the options under Customize design, these settings let you style your public registration flow using HTML or markdown styling, and used to live in two separate Settings sections:

The options to customize the content of your public registration flow now all live in one, shared space:

Additionally, you will find the Customize design options for your Status page here as well.

While we will transition all your existing content into the new, consolidated fields, we recommend reviewing these to ensure they align with your intended presentation to customers.

Let's take a look at what has changed:

Old/current name

New name


Waitlist welcome page

Booking welcome page

First page in registration flow

Your current content (if any) will migrate to this field. Although there have been two ways to control this field, the output has always been the same, so this will be a smooth transition.

NOTE: The only difference to look for here is the fact that this content will be displayed on the first page of the registration flow, regardless if you have activated your Welcome page or not.

Waitlist check-in page

Booking page

Registration flow

Your current content (if any) in these two fields will merge and migrate to this one new field. If you have customized content in both these fields, they will both be displayed, on different rows:

Waitlist check-in page content + <br> + Booking page content

NOTE: If you do have both these fields customized, we’d suggest checking this field out to make sure it’s presented to your customers the way you have intended it to be.

Waitlist: Thank you page

Waitlist: Kiosk redirect

Your current content (if any) will migrate to this field. This will not have any impact on how it’s presented to customers.

Booking: Thank you page

Booking: Kiosk redirect

Your current content (if any) will migrate to this field. This will not have any impact on how it’s presented to customers.

Customer status page

Waitlist: Status page

Your current content (if any) will migrate to this field. This will not have any impact on how it’s presented to customers.

Customer booking status page

Booking: Status page

Your current content (if any) will migrate to this field. This will not have any impact on how it’s presented to customers.

Customize text fields

The Customize text fields options give you the ability to update and/or localize almost any word or phrase in your public registration flow. Up until now, this has been accessible from two separate Settings sections:

These too have been centralized and you can now find them here:

This migration should not bring any major issues related to the Customize text fields section, but since we are introducing a few new terms and phrases, we do suggest that you check this section out to make sure everything looks and sounds as expected.

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