How to print your QR codes

Set up nice-looking QR signage to let your guests scan and join your waitlist!

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Why QR codes?

Allowing your guests to register to your waitlist or make a booking using a QR code is easy and effective.

You simply need to print a nice-looking template with your Waitwhile QR codes embedded and make it clearly visible at your business entrance.

We have you covered! This guide will help you download your QR codes and also

Download QR codes

For each of your public guest-facing pages there is a button to Download QR code next to each link. This will download the QR code as an image file.

Find your QR code for your guests to...

Print using our QR code signage template

We've put together some easily customizable templates for your guests to register via QR code that you can print out for your business.

Simply open the template document, make a copy and follow the instructions to add your logo and QR code, change the colors and print out in the right format.

Need help to get started with QR codes?

Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team to help you get your QR codes up and running via Chat or by emailing

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