For an introduction to Waitwhile links, check out the article:

How to Manage Your Waitlist and Share It With Customers

Quick Reference

Primary Links

Your primary links are internally displayed in the Self Check-in Settings and Waitlist Settings areas of your Waitwhile settings and are the ones most frequently used/shared with your customers.

All links should start out with


Location Specific

Waitlist Check-in (Can be turned into a QR code)


Booking Scheduling (Can be turned into a QR code)


Public Waitlist


Account Wide (for all locations)

All Locations Waitlist Check-in (Can be turned into a QR code)


All Locations Public Waitlist


Other Individual Location Links

Welcome Page


The Welcome Page is an editable landing page that the Booking Scheduling link and/or Waitlist Check-in link will automatically redirect to if that respective setting has been enabled.

Self Sign-in (for a customer to check themselves in as Arrived)


Unique Customer/Visit Links

Status/Confirmation Pages links add a unique shortcode that is autogenerated for each visit. (The following links include example shortcodes)

Waitlist Customer Status Page


Booking Confirmation Page


Public Links as Placeholder Variables for Messages

You can include special placeholder variables within SMS and Email messages/alerts to send certain links to your guests.

{welcomeLink} - Welcome Page

{checkInLink} - Waitlist Check-in

{schedulingLink} - Booking Scheduling Link

{link} - Customer Status Page or Booking Confirmation Page

{locationsLink} - All Locations Public Waitlist

{locationsCheckInLink} - All Locations Waitlist Check-in

Adding Query Parameters to Links

To pre-fill customer information

You can pre-fill Check-in and Scheduling page forms with customer information such as name, phone number, email, and external customer ID, etc, by adding query parameters to your Waitlist Check-in and Booking Scheduling links.

For more information on how to do this, check out this help article.

To automatically select a specific Service or Resource

Similarly to pre-filling customer information, you can also use query parameters to pre-select services or resources. These query parameter utilizes the individual Service ID and Resource ID, which can be found in the Service/Resource edit module for each individual service/resource (see below screenshot).

To pre-select Services: (using Service ID examples)

/checkin/yourLocationName?service=lu5UZ3VtS3CqY4Ij7v4K (Waitlist Check-in)

/book/yourLocationName?service=lu5UZ3VtS3CqY4Ij7v4K (Booking Scheduling)

You can add on multiple services by adding &service= for each additional service:


To pre-select Resources: (using Resource ID examples)

/checkin/yourLocationName?resource=lu5UZ3VtS3CqY4Ij7v4K (Waitlist Check-in)

/book/yourLocationName?resource=lu5UZ3VtS3CqY4Ij7v4K (Booking Scheduling)

You can add on multiple services by adding &service= for each additional service:


FYI: If you use a query parameter to pre-select services or resources, it will skip that respective selection page of the check-in/scheduling signup flow.

Editing Your Links

Location specific links use your Location's "shortname" and Account-wide links (aka "All locations" links) use your Account "shortname."

Both types of shortnames have to be unique on Waitwhile, meaning that whatever you choose can't already be in use by another Waitwhile location/account. If you try to change your Location shortname to something that is already in use by someone else, you will get an error, so it is best to try to come up with something that is unique or add a few numbers to the end.

You can change your Location's shortname under the Public Waitlist Settings.

The Account shortname cannot be changed within your Waitwhile settings, however, if an authorized account owner makes this request to Waitwhile Support, we can change it for you.

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