Waitwhile supports some autofilling query options that can be added to the URL you use to direct customers to your waitlist check-in or booking page from your own website or other external website.

If you already have a customer portal or customer form on your website, you can use that customer data to pre-fill customer information into your Waitwhile URL.

The supported URL parameters that can be used are:

  • ?name=John%20Doe → Prefill guest full name

  • ?firstname=John → Prefill guest first name

  • ?lastname=Doe → Prefill guest last name

  • ?phone=8881234567 → Prefill guest phone

  • ?email=john@doe.com → Prefill guest email

  • ?externalcustomerid=abc123 → Prefill guest Customer ID

  • ?partysize=10 → Prefill guest party size and SKIP this step in flow

  • ?locale=fr-FR → Set the language to e.g. French

  • ?redirect_url=yourwebsite.com → Redirect the customer to any website of your choosing after they complete the registration

Pre-filling Custom Input Field Values

To pre-fill custom input field values, you can utilize the fields' unique dataFieldId, which can be found in the edit error for each custom input field.

  • ?id=value

  • ?bPKrEl7akoOnalN9SHcH=true

If pre-filling multiple custom input field values, they can be added and separated with an "&" symbol:

  • ?id=value&id=value

  • ?bPKrEl7akoOnalN9SHcH=true&CFDARAw20j9YCbsLFSUF=some_text

Using Query Parameters to Pre-Select Services and Resources

Similarly to pre-filling customer information, you can also use query parameters to pre-select services or resources. These query parameter utilizes the individual Service ID and Resource ID, which can be found in the Service/Resource edit module for each individual service/resource.

To pre-select Services: (using Service ID examples)

/checkin/yourLocationName?service=lu5UZ3VtS3CqY4Ij7v4K (Waitlist Check-in)

/book/yourLocationName?service=lu5UZ3VtS3CqY4Ij7v4K (Booking Scheduling)

Adding multiple Services:


To pre-select Resources: (using Resource ID examples)

/checkin/yourLocationName?resource=lu5UZ3VtS3CqY4Ij7v4K (Waitlist Check-in)

/book/yourLocationName?resource=lu5UZ3VtS3CqY4Ij7v4K (Booking Scheduling)

Adding multiple resources:


FYI: If you use a query parameter to pre-select services or resources, it will skip that respective selection page of the check-in/scheduling signup flow.

Example use cases:

When using multiple types of query parameter values in a URL, they can be joined by an "&" symbol (instead of adding an additional "?"), and any spaces present in a value should be represented with an "%"

Full name and party size parameters on a Waitlist Checkin URL:


Custom input field parameters combined with phone number parameter on a Booking URL


Combine pre-selection of services and resources with other parameters:

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