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How to delete your Waitwhile account
How to delete your Waitwhile account

Learn how to remove your account in Waitwhile.

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Perhaps you created your Waitwhile account accidentally or you no longer need it, we get it. This guide will let you know how to delete your account for good.

Want to cancel your paid subscription?

Before removing your account, you need to cancel your paid subscription. Check out this help article for how to cancel your paid subscription before continuing.

Do you want to delete your entire account or just a location or user?

If you only want to delete a single location or delete a user, follow these guides instead:

When you delete your Waitwhile account, all the locations and users will get wiped out. This is irreversible so make sure it's what you want.

How do I delete my account?

Once you have cancelled, you can go to Account > Security & Data and click Delete account to delete your account.

Want to talk to someone to help out?

Just email us at and request help with your cancellation.

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