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Waitwhile Premium & Add-On Services
Waitwhile Premium & Add-On Services

Get strategic Waitwhile features and guidance with Premium Services

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Waitwhile offers a breadth of features and support options in our standard subscription plans. However, sometimes your business needs something additional that does not come with your plan - or you need premium, hands-on support from our team of Waitwhile experts.

Here's an overview of what we are offering above and beyond our standard features.

🏷️ Add-on Services

For customers on the Business Plan, we offer additional advanced features. To request pricing and activation for these features, contact our Support team at

Note: These features are always included in the Enterprise Plan.

Data Control & Anonymization

At Waitwhile, we take pride in our high standard of data protection policies. However, if your company requires more fine-tuned control of how your data is managed we offer a Data Control & Anonymization add-on feature. This let's you control:

  • If your customer's data will be automatically wiped out after a set time (e.g. 12 months)

  • If your customer's personally-sensitive data (PII) like name, phone, and email will be anonymized.

Custom styling and CSS stylesheets

If you want to create your own custom styling and CSS code to override our standard theming options, we can give you full control to hack it to just the way you want it. To meet this need, we offer a CSS customization service that allows businesses to achieve a 100% custom look.

This lets you control:

  • The styling of your customer-facing pages with fine-grained CSS editor

White-label branding

If you want to remove the subtle "Powered by Waitwhile" branding at the bottom of your customer-facing pages we now allow you to do so, even if you're not on our Enterprise plan (where this is included).

🤝 Premium Enterprise Services

When you purchase Waitwhile's Premium Services, a team of experts will guide you through our products and best practices — from implementation to training and ongoing world class support.

Premium Onboarding

With Premium Onboarding, you can drive more value from Waitwhile, faster. Your Onboarding specialist will work with you to design an onboarding plan and set you on the right path to meet your goals.

Here’s what to expect with Premium Onboarding:

  • Technical installation - Our experts will walk you through deploying Waitwhile in your physical locations, your app or your website - helping

  • Strategic planning - Your Premium Onboarding specialist will listen to your business goals, and recommend the ideal Waitwhile configuration for your team.

  • Workflow configuration - Add the best workflows, settings, and automation to set up your team for success — one of our specialists will be there to guide you.

  • Customized admin training - Learn your way around the Waitwhile platform in customized admin training sessions.

Professional Services

Your Professional Services Manager will help you achieve the best business outcomes for you and your team through strategic project management, tailored configuration and ongoing optimization.

Here’s what to expect with Professional Services:

  • Training and education - Stay up to speed on all things Waitwhile with training sessions tailored perfectly for key members of your team.

  • Project management - Stay on track to reach your goals with strategic success plans and project management.

  • Configuration guidance - Build the best workspace for your team with design and consultation sessions.

  • Optimize and iterate - Keep expanding and evolving how you use Waitwhile with ongoing optimization sessions scheduled when you need them.

Premium Support

With Premium Support, you’ll get the fastest response times our team has to offer, convenient escalation paths for your most critical questions and access to our Premium Support team, day or night.

Here’s what to expect with Premium Support:

  • Faster response times - Reach a real Premium Support teammate in under an hour, or in as little as 10 minutes with our fastest support plan over email, chat or even phone.

  • Escalation support - Use our emergency escalation paths for urgent questions. Chat, call or email us on demand, or request to schedule video support.

  • Increased availability - Get the help you and your team need, when you need it, even outside of standard business hours.

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