Managing your Customer Data

Our data policies and features to export, anonymize and analyze your customer data.

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At Waitwhile, we take data security and privacy very seriously and we are committed to maintaining robust privacy protections for its users. 

That means:

  1. We never sell your data to any 3rd parties. 

  2. We never market to your customers ourselves. 

  3. We use industry best practices for safely managing the data that you share with us in order to operate Waitwhile.

  4. We let you export your data out of Waitwhile in case you want to use another platform instead of ours (we will miss you though ❤️)

Managing your customer data

Waitwhile offers a range of ways to manage the data about your customers and guests that you collect by using your waitlist.

View your customers

Under your Customers page you'll find all the people that have been added to your waitlist or scheduled appointments with you. 

You can filter your data by:

  • Time: If they signed up today, yesterday, this week, month or year, and so forth.

  • Status: If they were served, got cancelled, no-showed or booked.

  • Number of visits: Sort your list by the number of visits to find your most loyal customers

Export your Customers

You can easily export your customer data if you'd like to run a marketing campaign, do more in-depth analysis in Excel or if you'd like to switch to another system.

Just click "Export" to prompt a dialog with settings on how you would like to export your data. 

  • Customers or Visits: Choose if you'd like to generate an entry for every visit or per unique customer.

  • Date range: Choose what data range you would like to export for.

  • Waitlist: If you have more than 1 waitlist you can choose which waitlists you would like to export data for.

  • File format: You can export your data as a CSV (perfect for Excel!) or JSON (perfect for databases)

Import customer data

You can also import your customer data into Waitwhile if you are moving to us from another system or have collected data elsewhere.

Just click "Import" to bring up this dialog with instructions for how to do the import.

Anonymize your customer data

Waitwhile supports anonymizing your customer data by removing all PII (Personally Identifiable Information). This includes names, phone numbers, emails, and more.

In addition to anonymizing default input fields containing PII, we also help protect data collected through custom input fields, with the exception of the input field types Selection, Checkbox, and Policy.

Please see the table below for a full description of which fields will be anonymized when you are leveraging this feature.


Not anonymized

Default input fields

Name, Phone, Email, Notes

Party size, Customer ID, Services, Resources

Custom input field types

Text field, Text area, Number, Date, URL

Selection, Checkbox, Policy

The PII information will be available for the guest for as long as they are on your waitlist but will be permanently wiped once they have been served or removed from it.

The anonymization can be done instantly or scheduled (e.g. every 24 hours or weekly).

Note: This feature is only available for our Enterprise plan or as an add-on for Business plan users.

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