Setting this up with Waitwhile is easy and is great for any scenario when you want to display your current waitlist for customers that may be lingering around.

What is a 'smart' TV?

A 'smart TV' is a television that can connect to the internet and open a web browser. Because Waitwhile is a web-based application, your display device will need to be able to open a web browser in order to display the information to your guests.

How to Display Your List on a Smart TV

To display your active Waitlist on a TV, start by connecting your device to the internet and opening an internet browser.

When you have the browser open, navigate to the area where you would type in the web address - this is where you will type in the correct URL for the TV to have the list displayed.

To find the correct link / URL , go to Settings / Public : Display Waitlist / TV Monitor. The list you see there is the link you will need to type into your TV monitor's web browser.

PRO TIP: This is also where you can adjust what options you want to show on that URL, allowing you to truly customize the page for your unique business experience.


Hope this inspires you to set up your Waitlist Monitor and improve your customer experience! 

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