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Help! My waitlist is unavailable!
Help! My waitlist is unavailable!

Lets check all the reasons why your waitlist might be closed on unavailable

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One of Waitwhile's major perks is its versatility; there are loads of options to customize your customer's reservation and waitlist experience to cater to your business's customer flow. Sometimes these options can conflict with each other, especially if they aren't set up correctly. This can get your Waitlist closed or unavailable, and cause frustration for both you and your customers. Check out this step-by-step guide to troubleshooting why your Waitlist may not be available for your customers!

Check your waitlist hours

Make sure that both the General hours and the Waitlist hours are set up correctly. And in both cases make sure to check both the Opening hours, as well as the Specific dates. It is possible that the opening hour settings for a specific date is overriding your regular hours.

The General hours are accessible under Settings > Business info > Opening hours

If you click on the Set hours by date button, you can see which dates have a special hour set up as these hours will be highlighted in orange like so:

The Waitlist hours can be found in two places:

  1. They can be found under the General hours setting. Click on Set opening hours and go to the Waitlist hours tab:

  2. They can also be found under Settings > Location > Waitlist. Just scroll down a bit to find the Waitlist Hours section:

Check if your waitlist is manually closed

There is a switch that allows you to manually close/open your waitlist. This switch will override your opening hours previously set up, and it will keep the waitlist open or closed till you remove it. You can check whether or not your waitlist is manually closed, and you can revert it here:

Check if your waitlist is enabled for public registration

It is possible to disable the options for your customers to join the waitlist through the public pages. In this case visits can only be created manually by the staff members of the business clicking on the blue + sign. To allow your customers to join your waitlist, you need to enable the option here:

Or here:

If you went through all the options listed above and your waitlist is still closed, please reach out to the support team for more assistance.

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