Styling Your Guest-Facing Pages

How to take advantage of the new theming options and interactivity features in Waitwhile 3.0.

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Your public Waitwhile pages should feel like an extension of your brand so that your guests always feel like it’s your business they’re interacting with - and not Waitwhile. As part of Waitwhile 3.0, we have introduced a whole new set of guest-facing pages and a ton more flexibility for how to style and theme them. We have also added improved communication with your customers from your public waitlist.

In this article, we'll cover how to use these extensive design options to properly style your guest-facing pages and the updates that improve the way you display your waitlist on the big screen with voice audio.

Style your guest-facing pages

You'll find that there is a lot you can do to style your guest-facing pages without needing any code whatsoever. Under Settings > Theme, you have the option of choosing a preset theme or Custom theme, where the latter will give you the opportunity to update a number of attributes related to your guest experience.

Areas to design and customize in Waitwhile

The following elements can be easily edited to fit your preferences.


The ability to set the overall layout of your guest-facing pages and where to show your content. Choose between:

  • Default (content in "box")

  • Two columns - content right

  • Two columns - content left

Welcome page: Content left

Background color

The background color is applied to the part of your pages that does not include content. In this example, everything outside the content box is considered background.

Welcome page: Gray background

Content background color

Conversely, the content background is the background of everything inside the content box. In the example to the right, it is the black area.

Waitlist: Black content background

Background image

If you prefer to have an image rather than a color as your background, you can easily accomplish that. Simply upload an image and it will override the background color (but the content background color will remain intact).

Booking flow: Background image

Text and button colors

You can set the text and button colors to be whatever you like using hex codes.

  • Text color: All text (headings and body) except for links and button text.

  • Button and link color: Your buttons and links will have the same color.

  • Button text color: You can set a different color for button text.

Welcome page: White text, white buttons, black button text

Button border radius

You can now also change the border radius of your buttons. You'll have the option to pick between the following border radius options.

  • Square: 0

  • XS: 0.2em/3.2px

  • S: 0.5em/8px

  • M: 0.8em/12.8px

  • L: 1em/16px

  • Full: 10em/160px

Welcome page: Square border radius

Headings and body font

Lastly, you can also change the font of your headings and body text, respectively. You can choose between a plethora of available fonts categorized by Serif, Sans serif, Display, and Handwriting.

Waitlist: Nosifer and Sedgwick Ave fonts

Note: These styling updates will be applied to all your location-specific guest-facing flows, including:

  • Waitlist display page

  • Check-in page (Arrivals)

  • Booking flow

  • Waitlist flow

  • Welcome page

  • Status/confirmation page

Display your Waitlist on the big screen with voice audio

If you have a waiting area where you’d like to show your current queue on a TV screen for all your guests to see, you’re in luck. We’ve made a ton of improvements to this experience to make it more configurable and better looking.

We’ve also added support for Audio announcements that can alert your guests with their name or ticket number using a natural-sounding voice. You can access this by clicking on Settings () on your public waitlist page. From there, you can choose your preferred language, as well as switch between Chime and Speech in Alert mode.

Note: If you want to hide the Waitlist settings (⚙) from your Waitlist, simply enter fullscreen mode by clicking on in the top right corner and it will disappear.

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