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Service Hours and Availability
Service Hours and Availability

Making sure that your Services are available at the right time

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You can allow your Service to follow the booking and waitlist hours of the location, or you can set up the specific hours when your Service is available. Make sure you align the Service hours to the general hours of the location, as well as the availability of the resources they are connected to. The available slots offered in the booking flow are a combination of booking hours, resource hours and service hours.

Set working hours:

This option allows you to define the availability of your Service on each day of the week.

You can set up the same hours for bookings and waitlisted visits. To achieve this, set up the General hours and leave Same as General hours checked under the Waitlist hours and Booking hours tabs.

If you would like the Service to have different availability hours for the bookings and the waitlist queue, uncheck this option and set up the desired hours for each day of the week separately.

Set hours by date:

You can use this setting to override the regular hours that you set up for each day of the week. This is a great option for shortened working hours during off-season or the days when you are understaffed for a specific Service.

TIP: If a Service is available only for a couple of days in the entire year (e.g.: a service for an event), leave all the days under Set working hours closed, and only open the necessary days. If you need to set up specific hours for several consecutive days, select the first day of this period and then in the next box click on Add end date. Select an end date and set up the hours for the days of the week in that period.

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