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Adding and Configuring Resources
Adding and Configuring Resources
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You can add Resources by going to Settings > Resources and clicking the Add Resource button.

Screenshot of Resources page, highlighting the 'Add Resource' button

You can then give your new Resource a name, assign a category and more.

Screenshot displaying what is shown after selecting 'Edit' for your Resource

If you are editing an existing Resource, select the ellipsis next to the Resource's availability and select 'Edit'.

Screenshot of the Resources section of the settings, highlighting the 'Edit' location

Below is a detailed breakdown for each Resource configuration option:

  • Resource Name: This is the name that will be listed for the Resource.

  • Display Name: This is the name that your Guests will see on your Waitlist and Booking pages. The Resource Name is used by default.

  • Category Name: If you have multiple categories for the different types of Resources you offer, you can list them here.

    • TIP: Keep it simple - one Category is enough for almost all use cases.

  • Link to User: Link an existing User to the Resource, allowing for the linked User to be notified via Email, Phone or Mobile App. These notifications can be adjusted via their User Settings.

  • Description: If you need to give any details about what or who this Resource is for your Guests, add those here. We recommend a shorter description for a more customer friendly viewing experience.

  • Phone: If you've signed up for the Business or Enterprise Subscription, your Resources can be notified via SMS when someone joins the Waitlist or makes a Booking for the Resource.

  • Email Address: Adding a new Resource that does not have an existing Waitwhile account? Input their email address here and we will automatically send them an invite to join your account and link them to that Resource.

  • Public/Private: This will determine whether or not your customer can (public) or cannot (private) select this Resource.

  • Locations: Make this Resource available across multiple or only one Location on your Waitwhile account.

  • Available for: Allow this Resource to be available on your Waitlist, Bookings or both.

  • Max Simultaneous Bookings: Some Resources are able to serve more than one customer at a time, you can adjust this here. The default value is set to 1.

  • Max Bookings per Day: Set the limit to how many Bookings your Resource can service per day.

  • Ordering: For if your business has a preferred order in which you would like your Resources to be displayed. The default value is set to 0.

  • Services Provided: Assign specific Services according to what your Resource is able to offer, preventing any unwanted surprises.

TIP: Don't overcomplicate it! If your business only has one Resource that provides Services for your Guests, don't add Resources.

A great example of this is a haunted house - your customer knows that they are there for the haunted house experience, so there is no need to have a 'Haunted House' Resource for them to select.

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