How to fix issues with rate-limiting
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If you're getting the error "Location too busy, please try again soon" or similar it's likely due to your account hitting our rate-limit.

Why does this issue happen?

By default we limit your account to max 1 visit update per second to avoid problems with bots or abuse.

However, sometimes businesses need a higher rate-limit if they have a high volume situation, for example product drop where thousands of people will join your waitlist at once.

How to increase your rate limits

Fortunately, this is something that we can easily help configure for you. There are two settings that can be modified:

  • Account rate limit: This controls how frequently your entire account can process updates. This can only be updated by our support team and for a legitimate use-case.

  • Location rate limit: This controls how frequently the location can manage visit updates. It is configured by location.maxLocationStatusUpdatesPerMin which can only be updated via our API or by our support team.

Please reach out to our Support team via chat or by emailing and let us know that you need to increase your rate limit.

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