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Manage Multiple Locations
Manage Multiple Locations

Add another Location, Queue, or Line to your Customer Flow!

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You can manage multiple locations in your Waitwhile account and seamlessly switch and manage customers across them all.

Example 1: The Chain

Are you a business that has a chain of many restaurants - with more than one physical Location? In this instance each restaurant would need to have it's own business hours, waitlist, booking schedule, etc. For 'chains' of physical Locations, this set up makes it easier assign the right access to the right employees or quickly look at ALL of the your Locations under one User.

Example 2: Different Queues

Some retail locations have chosen to use Waitwhile for all of the lines at their stores - from Curb Side Pick Up to Returns & Exchanges. Each of these 'lines' aren't dependent upon each other (even though they are in the same store). In this case, we would recommend multiple Locations because each waiting experience needs its own unique set of rules and messages. Creating a Location for each 'queue' is a great way to organize the flow of customers through the store for each line.

Example 3: Template Locations

Already using Waitwhile and looking to open a new Location for your business? Waitwhile allows you to clone all of the settings in one Location when you are creating another. This saves time in the set up process - simply alter the little things for your new business from the preconfigured 'template' you cloned.

Want to add a Location yourself? Click the icon in the top left and select 'Add Location'.

Check out this quick video below for more information about Waitwhile Locations.

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