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How to add Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics and Google Ads tracking
How to add Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics and Google Ads tracking

Take control of tracking and analytics by adding your GTM or Google Ads ID's to your Waitwhile account

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Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful tool that allows you to add many different types of tracking tags to your Waitwhile public pages, including Google Analytics and Google Ads conversion tracking.

Connect your Google Tag Manager to Waitwhile

  • In the dialog, toggle to enable Google Tag Manager

  • Enter your GTM Container ID (Not sure where to find your GTM ID? Check out this helpful article) and hit Save.

You should now be good to go!

For more information on adding Google Analytics, Google Ads and other tracking tags to your GTM container, check out their helpful and expansive support documentation.

You can also add Google Tag Assistant as a browser extension to make sure that any tags contained within your GTM container are working properly on your Waitwhile public pages.

If you don't have a Google Tag Manager (GTM) account yet but would like to add it to your Waitwhile account, then check out this article on getting started with creating a GTM account.

Add Google Ads tracking to your Waitwhile Account

The Waitwhile platform also supports directly adding Google Ad conversion tracking to your Waitwhile account, however, if you wish to use both Google Tag Manager and Google Ads, we recommend that you only add Google Ads within your GTM account.

To enable Google Ads conversion tracking within Waitwhile:

  • Toggle Enable conversion tracking

  • Enter your Conversion ID and Conversion Label > Save.

That's it! Now your conversion tracking code will be triggered whenever a guest signs up on your Public Waitlist or Online Booking page.

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