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Getting started with the Waitlist
Getting started with the Waitlist

Adding guests, removing them, and the power of the waitlist queue

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The clock icon you see on the left tab of your Waitwhile screen is what we call the ‘Waitlist’. Think of the ‘waitlist’ as a list of everyone that is currently waiting for service at your business. These are the people that, before Waitwhile, would be waiting in your lobby until they are served.

To learn more about how Waitwhile views waiting, watch this video:

Adding Guests to the Waitlist

You (and your employees) can add customers from this tab by clicking the blue + sign and filling out the information. When they are added to the Waitlist, the customer receives a SMS text message that you have customized right to their phone telling them they’ve been added to the waitlist.

The ability to add guests can also be done through a link can be shared to your guests, displayed on your website, or even on a tablet in your lobby. You can read more about your links here.

What You See When Guests Are Added

As more and more people are added to the list, you may notice icons that appear.

  • Yellow Bell: When you click this icon, Waitwhile sends your guest a message that you have customized to say whatever you like. Most people use this ‘Alert’ message to tell the guest that it’s their turn and that they should back to continue with whatever their needs are. 

  • Green Check: When your Guest arrives, the Green Check marks the Guest as ‘currently being served’ by moving them down to the ‘Serving' tab.

  • Three Dot Menu: This is our "catch all" menu. This is where you can find other options to process your Guest in the waitlist. It’s up to you to decide how you want to serve your guests, and Waitwhile is customizable to allow you to make the workflow work best for you. 

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