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How to set detailed opening hours by date
How to set detailed opening hours by date

Manage your availability by specific dates and months

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Waitwhile lets you control your availability on a very granular basis!

To set your hours by date, go to your General Settings and click on Set hours by date under the Hours section. This will open up a detailed calendar view where you can click on any date to set the hours specifically for that date. You can specify these hours to only impact your Waitlist, Bookings, or for both.

The Set Hours by Date feature can also be located in your Waitlist or Bookings section of your Settings.

Tip for Events: If you are only intending on using your Waitlist or Bookings for a specific range of dates, you can set your Opening Hours as Closed and use the Set Hours by Date function to set your Waitlist or Bookings as Open only during your event.

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