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Help! My Booking Slots Aren't Showing!
Help! My Booking Slots Aren't Showing!

Don't see time slots that you should? Troubleshoot with this guide!

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One of Waitwhile's major perks is its versatility; there are loads of options to customize your customer's reservation and waitlist experience to cater to your business's customer flow. Sometimes these options can conflict with each other, especially if they aren't set up correctly. This can make Booking Slots not show correctly, and cause frustration for both you and your customers. Check out this step-by-step guide to troubleshooting why your Booking slots may not be showing for your customers!

Check Your Booking Hours

First, you should check your booking hours under settings > business info > opening hours to make sure they are set correctly.

  • Booking hours can be found in two places:

    • They can be found in the opening hours section and set by clicking the "edit" button.

    • They can also be found found in the "calendar" in the opening hours section.

  • You can use the calendar feature (as shown below) to open and/or close specific times and dates for holidays, special events, etc. Sometimes there can be a specific calendar date that may have accidentally been set to "closed". This will override your normal booking hours, so be sure to check the calendar if your business 'appears closed' and you don't want it to be.

Check your Resources' Booking Hours

Next, make sure your resource booking hours are correct - this includes making sure that your normal Booking hours encompass ALL of your Resource hours (and vice versa).

For example:

  • Resource #1 has booking hours from 8am-2pm

  • Resource #2 has booking hours from 10am-5pm

  • Your Booking hours (under Settings/Business Info/Business Hours) should be from 8am -5pm.

Resources also have a "calendar" feature in the Resource settings - just like the opening hours, too! While this is a great way to put employees off for scheduled days out, it's another place you should check if your Booking time slots aren't showing correctly.

Didn't Fix the Problem? Try These Tips!

  • If you are using Services, make sure the Service hours are set to include your Booking hours. You can edit your Service hours by heading over to Settings > Services. There are general Booking hours and a Calendar feature for Services in this section as well.

  • Check to make sure the “spots per slot” setting is correct. This can be found under Settings > Bookings > Booking Times.

  • Check that the Resource "max served people" setting is set correctly (i.e. how many guests a Resource can serve at any given time). This will multiply the “spots per slot” Setting under Settings/Bookings based on how many Resources are available at any given time. If you need help finding it, check under Settings > Resources > Edit.

  • Check to see that the "Services Provided" for the Resources are correct; this will ensure that when your customer selects the right Service provided by a specific Resource, the right days and times show up. You can find these options under Resource Settings.

  • Check that the Resource isn’t accidentally set to “Private” or “Waitlist only”.

  • Check that the Resource category is set correctly: “Private” or “Waitlist only”

  • Check that the Resource category is set to “required” when there are multiple categories if needed for your customer flow. Hint: Waitwhile will use either the “required” category OR the category with the fewest available resources when calculating time slots.

  • Make sure that the required Service is set correctly: “Private” or “Waitlist only”

  • Check the Booking Setting “Booking lead time” or “Scheduling Window” setting (i.e. how far in advance or into the future a booking can be made) This setting can be found under Settings > Bookings > Advanced Settings > booking rules

  • Check that the Booking Setting “count every party as 1 spot” has accidentally been enabled (or disabled, if too many spots are showing). This is located in Settings > Bookings > Booking Times > expand.

  • Check the Booking Setting “every Resource has a separate calendar” - this when on, this makes each Resource have the number of Booking Slots you have listed - not a shared calendar split between all of your Resources. accidentally been enabled (or disabled, if too few spots are showing) This setting is also located by expanding the booking times setting.

  • Make sure the time slots aren’t accidentally blocked in your Booking (icon on the left side of your screen). Time slots can be blocked/unblocked by clicking on a specific time slot and selecting Block/Unblock. Blocked spots will be greyed out in the new flexible bookings calendar.

If you have tried all of the above, please reach out to or click on "Chat with Support" inside of your Account to reach out to our Customer Support team! We will be happy to help!

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