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URL Shorteners in SMS Messages
URL Shorteners in SMS Messages

How URL shorteners in SMS help reduce costs.

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Including links to your waitlist, status page, or elsewhere in your customer communications can be quite lengthy sometimes, making SMS messages longer than necessary. This, in turn, increases the risk of hitting the 160 character limit, leading to more (unwanted) messages and higher costs.

To tackle this challenge, we’ve introduced a URL shortener specifically for SMS. Now, you can share your status page links (or other links!) using shortened URLs, ensuring your messages stay within the character limit and optimizing your SMS communication efficiency. Say goodbye to lengthy texts and higher costs and hello to streamlined messaging!

Note: All URLs with an http(s):// prefix will be shortened. If you prefer to not shorten a specific URL, simply leave the prefix out.

Example: Write instead of and the link won't be shortened.

The URL shortener feature is available to users all plans.

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