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Waitwhile for Curbside Pickup and Click & Collect
Waitwhile for Curbside Pickup and Click & Collect

Set up and streamline your curbside pickup operations with Waitwhile in this guide

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Curbside pickup provides customers with a convenient and contactless option for obtaining their purchases, which can help improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and reduce in-store traffic. 33 percent of adults younger than 50 who started using curbside pickup during the pandemic say it’s a habit they expect to continue.

Why offer your customers Curbside Pickup?

Here are some reasons why your business should allow customers curbside pickup or click & collect:

  1. Increase online sales: Curbside pickup provides online buyers with a quick and convenient way to avoid shipping costs and delays, and connect with local staff members for questions or returns.

  2. Reduce in-store availability issues: Curbside pickup reduces the risk of availability issues when customers come to purchase specific items, reducing customer complaints and improving staff morale through improved customer interactions.

  3. Improve brand loyalty: Curbside pickup helps build brand loyalty by offering a convenient and efficient service that makes customers more likely to return to the store and recommend it to others, thus increasing revenue and growth.

  4. Improve customer experience: Offering curbside pickup improves the customer experience by providing a contactless way to shop, allowing customers to avoid the hassle of entering stores with kids in tow, searching for items, or waiting in checkout lines.

How Waitwhile does this

  1. After completing an online purchase, customers receive curbside pickup instructions via email or text message.

  2. Upon arrival at the store, customers pull into designated parking spots and check-in via a link in a “Ready for Pickup” email or send a text to inform staff of their arrival.

  3. Once a customer has checked in, associates are informed and can deliver the purchased items, and seamlessly communicate with customers via text for any updates or questions.

How to configure Waitwhile for curbside pickup

It naturally depends on your operations, but here is an example of our recommended flow for your curbside pickup experience - for both your customer and staff team.

[More information to come]

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