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Managing your Pending Bookings
Managing your Pending Bookings

For customers that want a little more control over which guests are booking and when, now you have it!

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Waitwhile now has a feature that allows you to review/approve all bookings before confirming the booking with your guest!

Where can I enable this feature?

This feature can be found in the Settings > Bookings portion of your account, specifically in the section titles "Booking Rules".

How does it work?

When this feature is enabled, a few things will happen:

  1. When you navigate to the Bookings Tab on the main left-hand column, you will notice a new tab called "Needs Approval" that appears just above the calendar. This is where all of your new bookings will go once this feature is enabled.

  2. Once a new booking is created, a red icon with the number of bookings awaiting approval will appear and the pending booking will appear on your calendar with perforated edges as seen in the screenshot below.

  3. You can approve/reject the booking in one of two ways:

    1. You can click on the booking and click 'Accept' or 'Reject'

    2. You can click on the 'Needs Approval' Tab and click 'Accept' or 'Reject'

  4. Once the booking is 'Approved', it will appear on your calendar without the perforated edges and the red, numbered icon will no longer appear next to the 'Needs Approval' tab. It is also at this time that your guest will start to receive any of the automated messages that you have configured in your account (i.e. Confirmation Message, Cancellation Message, etc).

Messages for booking approvals and rejections

To control what your guests receive when they make a booking approval request, go to Settings > Booking Messages and enable the "Booking request confirmation" and edit that message.

When the booking request is Approved, they will receive your standard Booking Confirmation message.

If the booking request is Rejected and you want to notify the customer about this, you can use the "Booking Request rejected" message.

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