Waitwhile messages support a subset of the Liquid template syntax for advanced customization for things like conditional logic (if/else), for-loops, operators and more. However it is a beta feature so we would love to hear your feedback on what you think would be good to add. To provide feedback, please reach out to the customer support team via chat or via email on help@waitwhile.com

Operators & Conditionals

If you want your messages to include certain things only for some customers, using conditionals and operators is extremely flexible.

if equals

Include some text only if the services matches:

{% if service.name == "Haircut" %} 
Make sure to wash your hair before coming.
{% endif %}

if exceeeds

Include some text only if duration exceeds some value:

{% if visit.duration > 1800 %} 
For appointments over 30 minutes, make sure to bring an extra blanket.
{% endif %}

if contains

Include some text only if resource name contains "counter":

{% if resource.name contains "Counter" %} 
Please bring your documentation to the counter.
{% endif %}


Use even more conditions with elseif/else:

{% if service.name == "Carwash" %} 
Your car wash will take about 30 min
{% elsif service.name == "Wax" %}
Your waxing will take about 60 min
{% else %}
Your service will take 15-30 min.
{% endif %}


If you want your to loop over multiple values and show each value, you can use the for-loop functionality.

for loop

Loop over all assigned resources for a visit:

{% for resource in visit.resources %} 
{{ resource }}
{% endfor %}


Endless possibilities to customize your messages

The liquid language is extremely flexible. Read the full syntax documentation here.

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