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How to Add Your Waitlist to Google Maps
How to Add Your Waitlist to Google Maps

Let your diners line up right from Google

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Waitwhile has partnered with Google Maps to make it easier than ever for your restaurant to allow diners to view the waitlist and join directly from Google Maps.

Google is currently limiting this feature to Restaurants and Café businesses right now, but will open to other industries in the future.

Interested? Here's how it will look:

We believe your guests will love the convenience to join the line right from the Google Maps listing, and in turn, this should lead to more diners at your location! You can view Analytics of how many diners joined on-premise compared to via Google Maps to track the incremental revenues this feature is driving for you, too!

Ready to get started? To turn on this feature complete the following steps for your Waitwhile Location:

Make Sure Your Business Is Listed on Google Maps

In order for Waitwhile to sync properly with Google Maps for this integration, it's important that your business is already listed and visible on Google Maps. Don't worry - the Waitwhile integration will work even if you haven't claimed the business.

Make Sure Your Business Is A "Restaurant"

That's right - Google only supports this feature with restaurants right now. Once you are sure that your business is listed and visible on Google Maps, you'll need to ensure that the business type for your location is set correctly. This integration is designed specifically for restaurants, so you'll need to make sure that your business type is set as such in your Waitwhile settings. You can set this under Settings > General > Business Info. Be sure to select the "Restaurant" option to enable the 'Google Maps' integration for your location.

Confirm and Match the Address to Your Google Maps Listing

Make sure that the address you have listed in Waitwhile is the same as the address you have associated with your Google Maps listing. You can update your business address in Waitwhile to match at Settings > General > Business Info.

Update Your Waitlist Hours

Make sure that your "Waitlist Hours" are set to open when you want them to show on Google Maps. Click "Set opening hours" to open the menu to edit the hours associated with the Waitlist.

Turn On the Google Maps Integration

Under Settings > Join Waitlist you can scroll down to find the Google Maps options.

As a reminder, these options will only show when you have enabled the Restaurant option described above.

Once the above is done, the ability to join your waitlist through Google Maps should become available in 24h!

If you run into any issues, just contact us on or through chat!

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