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Where to manage your Integrations, API, and Webhooks

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Settings > Developers > Integrations

We know that Waitwhile is a useful tool for many businesses. However, when combined with some of your other favorite business tools, Waitwhile becomes a powerful engine running your business’s entire customer flow. Our native integrations make it easy to quickly ‘connect the dots’ with some of your most popular apps. For the rest, Zapier can be used to integrate other programs to work with Waitwhile for your business. You can also visit for more information.

Settings > Developers > API & Webhooks

Waitwhile’s API is unmatched and we have built in an area in the app to allow for API endpoints and Webhooks to be used to interact with your Waitwhile account.

We want to empower developers to use our API - that’s why we have created a Developer Hub that has detailed guides, forums, etc. You can access the HUB in this area as well.

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