You can set your own privacy policy under Settings > Business Info > Privacy Policy, and also determine whether or not a guest will be required to accept the policy when signing up for your waitlist or making a booking. You can also require that your own users accept the policy when manually adding new guests.

This text area also supports basic HTML so that you can set your privacy policy to display as a clickable link if you have your policy hosted on another website.

Here's an example using Waitwhile's privacy policy link:

By checking this, you agree to the terms of our <a href="" target="_blank">privacy policy.</a> 

If you do not opt to require the Customer to accept the policy, then your policy will display below the confirmation button directly beneath Waitwhile's standard Privacy Policy & Terms of Use.

If you only want your own privacy policy to be displayed, you can add this bit of CSS to the Public Page (or Public Account) Stylesheet to hide Waitwhile's default policy links:

form .security .text-center { display: none !important; }

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