Looking to customize your Waitwhile Waitlist Check In? With a little bit of HTML or CSS knowledge, you can make your Check In pages match your business’s brand. Check out these tips (or send them to your web designer) to make the perfect check-in pages for your customers. 


To start, we do not support completely changing the page layout or creating all HTML from scratch. However, even with these limitations Waitwhile has worked with many businesses to create tailored experiences for their customers. You can add elements like background images and make changes to font and button styles.

In general, customization is limited to:

  • Inserting and formatting additional elements such as headings, text, links, and images with HTML tags or Markdown

  • Modifying page and element styles by adding CSS code to Public Stylesheet areas. For existing elements this can be done by identifying the CSS class you want to modify in the Browser inspector (Check out this great HowTo for Chrome!), or by adding a CSS class to any new elements in your HTML areas.

Where It Goes

HTML Areas

Basic HTML tags and Markdown are both supported in the HTML areas for your Public Waitlist, Booking, Check-in, Welcome, and Confirmation Pages.

Javascript and CSS are not supported in these areas.

Public Stylesheets

CSS can be added to the Public Page Stylesheet for location specific style changes, or the Public Account Stylesheet for style changes that will impact all locations within your account.

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