One of the best things with using Waitwhile to manage your customer queue is that it lets your customers roam freely while they're waiting. When it's their turn, you'll simply send them a notification alerting them to head back!

Waitwhile supports powerful SMS and Email capabilities with personalized and automated ways to keep your customers informed. In this post we'll explain how you can take full advantage of this and make your customers smile!

Using SMS like a Pro 

All your customers have their smartphone at hand and SMS is a perfect way to communicate with them. Waitwhile comes with 4 types of SMS you can use to keep your customers informed:

  1. Confirmation SMS: An initial text message is sent to the customer once added to your waitlist.

  2. Alert SMS: This can be used to manually notify a customer when it is their turn

  3. 'Next In Line' SMS: This can be used to automatically notify a customer when it is *soon* their turn (e.g. when they are Xth in line or when X minutes are remaining)

  4. Served Alert: This will be sent automatically when you serve someone from your waitlist

  5. Completed Alert: This is sent when you're done serving someone. This is perfect for thanking the customer for visiting and to ask for feedback or link to a survey.

  6. Custom SMS: You can send any custom free text SMS to a customer easily from within your waitlist - just click on the customer while they are on the list, select 'chat', and type the message you want to say.

How to customize your texts

All the above texts are fully *customizable* and you can change them any way you want under the SMS Settings page. Just edit the text field for each SMS (and email!) and it will automatically save.

Even cooler, you can use *“variable placeholders”* to personalize them with any collected data field, like name, order in line or estimated wait. Just include {name} or any of the other 8 placeholders you have available.

2-way texting

Customers receiving your SMS texts can reply to to the SMS and their replies will show up in your waitlist instantly! This provides a convenient way to have 2-way SMS conversations without leaving the Waitwhile interface.  

What's more, if their reply contains certain hot-words, such as *“cancel”* or *“delay”* this will automatically update the customer status incl. taking them off your list. Easy for them, easy for you!

*PROTIP: Saved SMS! These messages are only accessible when your customer is on the list, but they are perfect to drop in as a quick response to a random message from a customer.

Email bonanza!

Think emails are more classy than SMS? We got you covered! You can turn on all the aforementioned SMS alerts but with email instead. Now if you add a customer with an email, these offer a great way to keep them informed through email instead - or together with - SMS!

You can edit both the subject line and the email body any way you want and include the same *variable placeholders* as above. Even better, you can style and format your email with links, images or headlines - using Markup. See how we've included our Waitwhile logo below by adding the following code in the edit panel:

Really neat!

Make it yours

Both emails and SMS are great ways to make your Waitwhile experience really reflect your unique brand. So make sure to be creative and think of what your customers would expect to hear from you.

If you're on our Business Plan you can even remove the Waitwhile branding to make it 100% feel like your business!

Watch a Video on this, too!

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