Waitwhile makes it easy for customers to check themselves in when arriving at your business. This can replace the need to have a dedicated host and save you a lot of money!

In this post, we will teach you how to create your very own Check-In Kiosk on an iPad.

Creating your kiosk

First, find your own Waitwhile check-in URL under Settings/Self Check-In:

Click to open the link for the 'Check-in URL' and then add it to your Home Screen. This will enable you to open your Check-In in fullscreen without the browser bar. Do this by clicking on the marked icon below and then selecting "Add to Homescreen" (note that this can vary between browsers - below shows you on iPad Safari)

Now you'll see a Waitwhile App being added to your other apps. If you open this now, you'll see that your Check-in opens in a beautiful fullscreen mode without any distractions!

Now, every time you want to open your Check-in Kiosk just click on the Waitwhile App icon!

Secure your Kiosk

While the fullscreen mode restricts your customers from easily browsing away to other websites, they can still exit the Check-In by tapping the Home button. To ensure they can't leave this screen, you need to turn on **Guided Access**, 

To turn on Guided Access follow these steps:

  1. Open settings

  2. Go to "General"

  3. Open "Accessibility"

  4. Scroll down and click "Guided Access" to turn it on.

  5. Set your passcode and remember it!

Now open your Check-In again by clicking on the Waitwhile app icon. To enable Guided Access, triple-click on the Home button and click to Start the session. You have now restricted the iPad to your check-in!

To leave Guided Access, triple-click again and enter your passcode.

Mount your Kiosk

Now you can mount your iPad on a stand by your entrance! You can use a table-mounted stand ($15 on Amazon) or why not a cool floor stand?

Get it for only $25 on Amazon*

Online Check-In

For added convenience, you can let your customers check-in to your waitlist online. Just add a link to your Check-In URL somewhere on your website and share it over email or social media.

But how about if you want to only let customers *physically* present at your place to check in? Here's how you do that.

  1. Public Waitlist Settings page

  2. Under the *Waitlist Check-in*  section, set *Allow customers to sign-up to your waitlist online* to Off.

  3. You can now only access it when you are signed in. So on the tablet you use for Check-In, sign in to your Waitwhile account and then open the Check-In URL. 

Voila, you have now restricted your check-in only for visiting customers!

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