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Print your upcoming bookings 🖨️
Print your upcoming bookings 🖨️

Get your bookings printed on paper with our advanced Print mode.

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If you need a physical paper printout of your bookings, we have you covered!

What can you print out?

Waitwhile lets you print both individual appointments or a list of multiple bookings on a single print.

Preview of the multi-booking print layout ("List").

Note that canceled bookings or blocked slots will be automatically excluded from the printed list.

How to print

Simply go to the Visits page or the Calendar page in the navigation and click the ⋮ button, then choose Print.

In the print dialog, filter on Bookings in the State dropdown if you want to print only the bookings.

Additionally, you can filter based on Resources, Services, and Tags. Lastly, pick the time range that you are interested in printing for.

Customize the print layout

We support customizing the print layout so that it better fits your printing needs for Enterprise customers. Please reach out to our support team for more information about this.

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